Madrid-based advertising and industrial photographer Miguel Vallinas presents his whimsical photo series, titled “Second Skins”, where various animals take up a role that’s completely new to them. Dressed in fashionable clothes, each of them poses as a typical human model would, and it appears the their outfits match their personalities as a true second skin.

Vallinas photographed over 50 animals, picking them outfits that of different styles and even decades. A swan looks like a studious girl, whereas a flamingo becomes a sharp NYC business lady – and check that stylish jacket that the donkey wears! Detailed retouching makes the outfit and the pose of the animals come together into a very coherent look.

The series is a sister project of the “Pieles” photo sequence, where the Vallinas photographed himself dressed up in different professions. You might also remember another Spanish photographer, Barcelona-based Yago Partal and his “Zoo Portrait” series. What is it with the Spaniards and their love to dress their animals up?

Source: (via)