While seeing an animal in the wild can be fun, seeing thousands of them migrating is mesmerizing and awe-inspiring. These awesome wildlife photos will show you just how amazing of a sight a migration can be!

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Every year, birds, mammals, fish, reptiles and other animals around the world migrate for various reasons. How they know when and where to go? Although seasons and temperatures seem to be the most important factor, the whole mechanism is not yet clearly understood. Migration yields things not usually seen - tree branches bending from the weight of butterflies, birds, flying from Alaska to New Zealand without stopping. Also animals don't always just travel across the map, either - some fish migrate to different depths!

If you've captured a photo of an animal migration or of a migratory animal, we'd love to see it in this list as well. And don't forget to vote for your favorites, either!

#2 White Ibis

White Ibis

James Shadle Report

robertmcternan 3 years ago

Wow truly stunning.

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#3 Greater Flamingoes In Yucatán Peninsula

Greater Flamingoes In Yucatán Peninsula

Robert B. Haas Report

DavidFournier 3 years ago

Rote that clockwise and it looks like a duck!

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#7 Pronghorns in Canada

Pronghorns in Canada

Joel Berger Report

NatashaHart 3 years ago

This looks like they are running through the clouds. Stunning.

#9 Monarch Butterflies In Mexico

Monarch Butterflies In Mexico

pendens proditor Report

Hpster_Panda 3 years ago

They are so beautiful, i wish I lived in Mexico!

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#13 Christmas Island Red Crabs

Christmas Island Red Crabs

Max Orchard Report

Hpster_Panda 3 years ago

Christmas Island… Cool name!

#14 Golden Jellyfish In Palau

Golden Jellyfish In Palau

National Geographic Report

AnastasiaKukina 3 years ago

In reality water is green, and jellyfish - orange

#17 Butterflies In Tucabaca, Bolivia

Butterflies In Tucabaca, Bolivia

Steffen Reichle Report

Zoeyangelina 2 years ago

I have no words but <3 ♡♡♡♡♡

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#18 Fruit Bats in Zambia

Fruit Bats in Zambia

Will Burrard-Lucas Report

Leslie Cully 3 years ago

Wonderful, amazing animals!

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#19 Springbok, Namibia

Springbok, Namibia

Guido Report

DanielaInderbitzin 3 years ago

seriously??? NOT roan antelope, springbuck!

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#20 Locusts In Madagascar

Locusts In Madagascar

Michele Martinelli Report

lemonhead 3 years ago

locusts destroy everything they eat.... I feel bad for all the people who have to go through that every year.