Step aside, traditional white wedding cakes, geode cakes are taking over now! Covered in stunning edible crystals, these rocky confections have become the ultimate bridal must-haves this season, making brides say goodbye to the buttercream frosting and hello to colorful crystals.

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Earlier this year Intricate Icings' amethyst-inspired cake created by Rachel Teufel went viral and now we're seeing these delicate desserts pop up everywhere. Made completely out of edible sugar, I must say, the rock candy accents make the cakes look pretty bad ass. Take a look below and let us know what you think!

The original amethyst cake by Rachel Teufel that inspired the trend



Geode Wedding Cake

threetiersforcake Report

Awkward dog 2 years ago

Coolest one yet, in my opinion anyway:)

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Geode Wedding Cake

utahbrideblog Report

Allison Woodfill 2 years ago

Fucking awesome

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Geode Wedding Cake

sailboatsociety Report

Sandra Tuft 2 years ago

Stunning xx

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Geode Wedding Cake

martin_minis Report

Yvonne Bernal 2 years ago

Would be most excellent if this one had a fountain of hot fudge below it!

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Geode Wedding Cake

mjcakeskl Report

Rhonda Greene 2 years ago

Just simply beautiful


Geode Wedding Cake

thesugaredrose Report

Sarah Russell 2 years ago

The correct credit for this cake maker is The Sugared Rose:

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