Hi! I’m a long time lurker and finally decided to contribute!

A friend of mine’s getting married soon, and I’ve been blessed with the task of gathering some cool ideas for interesting and unique wedding cards and invitations. The designs I found were so cool I decided to share them with you guys.


Recipe for love stew.

Absolutely delicious!

Disney princess meets Disney prince.

Put the special glasses on to see the invitation!

Looks like your run-of-the-mill card, doesn’t it?

Think again! These cards play an animation when you scan them with a phone!

Just check this stuff out!

Talk about Kodak moments, amirite?

Inflatable invites! How cool is that?!

A lovely pop-up card! Reminds me of that prom scene in Twilight.

The Game of Love! Very fun and personal.

Scratch-off cards! Easily made at home.

Easily made with 1 part dish soap to 2 parts silver paint.

Tipi invitations!

It’s an awesome desk decoration, too!

They’re a pefect MATCH, get it?