It’s said that history repeats itself, and these images on Imgur show that. Called “Accidental Renaissance”, the pictures show what a crazy year 2016 was from Hillary’s Heartbreak, to Vladimir Putin looking at the corpse of murdered ambassador, Andrey Karlov.

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The “Accidental Renaissance” title comes from an image from New Year 2016, which saw a series of late-night revellers laying on the streets of Manchester in poses resemblant of renaissance-era paintings.

It’s not all images of doom and gloom, though - Redditors have included Accidental Renaissance highlights such as “Pizza Night With The Woofers”, “The Lost Supper”, and “Cricket in Kashmir” amongst many others.

#1 The Baker

The Baker

Bas Uterwijk Report

James Gorman 1 year ago

You should credit the photographers. Photo by Bas Uterwijk

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#2 Friendship At The Square Park

Friendship At The Square Park

eselekt Report

Kathy Sou 1 year ago

Such a tender picture!

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#3 The Creation Of Catam

The Creation Of Catam

Chieres Report

Kathy Sou 1 year ago

"I am here for you"

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#4 Pure Joy

Pure Joy

lordboyderson Report

Katinka Min 1 year ago

I love this picture!!!

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#7 Pizza Night With Woofers

Pizza Night With Woofers

itsreallylate1 Report

Stille20 1 year ago

He's made a big mistake. Obit reads "Cuddled to death by a pack of friendly wolves when he refused to share his frozen pizza"

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#9 Refuge In Lesbos

Refuge In Lesbos

ouikipedia Report

Wayne Beesley 1 year ago

Another beautiful place ruined by this disgusting war

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#10 Chess


frznxs Report

Fire Bird 1 year ago

Afternoon chess and tight rope walking.

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