This enormous campus site Val-Benoît is more than 9 hectares big at the city gates of Liège. It’s located next to the river Maas and was an extraordinary exploration opportunity. The entire university is abandoned since 2006, countless classrooms, hallways, auditoriums, and labs are left to decay.

In 1937 this complex opened its doors for its first students. On this campus future scientists, architects, and engineers were educated.

The university that was built in the 30s has the typical modernist architecture from that time. The architect that realized this beautiful project was Joseph Moutschen. Nowadays the buildings are getting renovated and will soon accommodate houses, flats, and businesses.

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Inner garden covered by greenery

The main auditorium

The main entrance

The largest science lab

The pink auditorium

Messy hallway

The second largest auditorium

The view of the river Maas

One of the many classrooms

Entrance of the main auditorium

Professor’s office

Another auditorium

One of the many offices

Left behind lab supplies