Everyone has a wish – something that might come true. We learned that when we’re little kids from books of various fairy tales. But I never thought that ‘everyone’ also includes animals. I’m surprised that animals do wish for something too. Thank you so much for these amazing search engines, I was able to gather amazing photos of animals doing their own wishes. But hold on in a minute. I was thinking. If animals do wish, what could they wish for? Food? Clothes? A lifetime partner? Whoah! I’m really in pins and needles while thinking it over so it’s up to you to conclude what it is.

They were caught in action. I can’t help myself, but smile and giggle while looking each of their ways of making their own wishes. Why is it that animals always look so cute in everything they do?

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1. What Do Cats Wish for?

Source: telusers.com

I’m not so sure, but could it be rats? But I’m also thinking about milk! Oh sure they love that! But there’s cat food too! What do you think?

Source: cdn.cutestpaw.com

She is just so lovely.

2. What Do Little Puppies Wish for?

Source: projectinspired.com

He is probably just sleeping after his night’s party… No! He is just a puppy and puppies only eat and sleep. But if this puppy is really making a wish, I guess, it’s about ending the fight of superiority between cats and dogs. What do you think?

3. What Do Otters Wish for?

Source: imgur.com

If they want something, what could it be? I’d say freshwater mussels, crabs, and crayfish. Otters probably wish for those things. However, the one who took this photo said that the very cute otters are simply playing with stones. Really? They’re so beautiful.

4. What Do Squirrels Wish for?

Source: wallpoper.com

I can’t help, but think of Ice Age every time I hear the word squirrels. I always love that character in the movie. But would this little squirrel, perhaps, wish for a nut? Oh… More likely, it is.

He is just so amazing…

5. What Do Dogs Wish for?

Source: harrygiglio.com

Now I now know where the little puppy learned how to make wishes.

Source: etsystatic.com

I just want to add this one as this dog really amaze me with his fervent way of making his own wish. Closed paws. Closed eyes, but why the tongue goes out? Okay, it’s a dog thing.

Source: wallpapersinhq.com

Someone has to teach this dog the proper way of doing it. LOL

8. Groupie Wishing

Source: staticfiles.outreachinc.netdna-cdn.com

If dogs really bond like this, I will love them more!