I bet you’ve already run into 404 error page many times before. (For those living in a cave: 404 error page occurs when you try to open a page (or a file) that doesn’t exist on the server).

Most often it has a lot of text and looks ugly. Right?

And what do we do when we see something ugly?

Run away! Close that ugly peace of sh*** faster! That is our reaction.

So instead of scaring your potential page viewers and customers, why not create something creative and more pleasant for the eye to catch your visitor’s attention? Remember you don’t want to loose them!

Another thing, you should do is politely tell why could this happen, and what to do next.

I’m pretty sure that 99% of webmasters think, that such a little thing as customized 404 error page is unimportant, whereas panda thinks, that such little details separates you from the rest of the crowd.

P.S.: if you happen to run into a creative 404 error page, feel free to share it in the comment section.

1. www.boredpanda.com/404


24. limpfish.com

3. homestarrunner.com

4. thetruth.com

Update: not available anymore

5. heinz.com

6. dazeofourlives.com

7. acorncreative.com

Update: not available anymore

8. seecoy.com

9. 24-7media.de

10. retardzone.com

Update: currently their image is different

11. dawdle.com

12. www.centerd.com


14. larknews.com

15. ddz.net

16. lightpostcreative.com

17. lileks.com

18. nickciske.com


Update: not available anymore

20. abduzeedo.com

21. patterntap.com

22. sendables.jibjab.com

23. funned.net

Update: not available anymore

25. zivity.com

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