Do you remember Ramon Bruin and his incredible 3D pencil drawings we wrote about last year? A mostly self-taught artist from the Netherlands now has a whole bunch of new 3D artworks and optical illusions. Ramon continues to draw with regular pencils and keeps developing his anamorphic drawing techniques, which make the paintings look 3D. No wonder that every time you see a prop he left by one of these cool drawings, you start questioning if this one is actually real!

The 31-year old artist with a degree in airbrushing demonstrates great talent with many different art mediums, among them, oil, water paint, acrylic, paint pens, charcoal, graphite, and pencils. Trying 3D drawing, according to him, was just another way to push his own boundaries. Despite all the many personal projects, Ramon also runs JJK Airbrush company, offering some “kick-ass airbrush designs”. And for the last time – yes, all of the unique artworks below are actually 2D! If you still don’t believe us – just scroll down below and check these realistic drawings with your very own eyes.

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3D Pencil Drawings by Ramon Bruin (Part I)

3D Pencil Drawings By Ramon Bruin (Part III)