Don’t tell my mother I work in an advertising agency – she thinks I play piano in a whorehouse. ~Jacques Seguela

Although product advertising is often seen as the biggest evil of all, the best commercials probably involve more creativity than any other job. It is art, where advertiser has to use all his creativity powers to create funny commercials (or very sad), shocking (or calm and pleasing), remarkable, strange, sometimes sexy, and in the end it has to speak to the target audience and make them buy the product based on the advertisement examples. It’s not all fun and games – big brains and a lot of creativity is needed to come up with the best ads.

However, I have to admit, that advertising is evil, not only it is a big flow of lies (actually half true facts, but that’s even worse), it is also a dirty fight between competitors.
Did you know, that Sarah Michelle Gellar was sued by mcdonalds at the age of four. She appeared in a Burger King advert where she said, “Do I look 20 per cent smaller to you? I must have at McDonalds because their hamburgers are 20 per cent smaller than Burger King’s”. It was the first time a company used another company’s name in an advert so McDonald’s sued Burger King, the advertising agency, and Sarah herself.(source)

But let’s leave these things behind, and just enjoy this collection of cool and creative McDonald’s ads. They know what they’re doing and I’m loving it!

Just opened, near Kimaya Kothrud.

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Advertising Agency: Leo Burnett, New Delhi, India

Copywriter: Rondeep Gogoi

Art Director/Illustrator: Sumonto Ghosh


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Advertising Agency: DDB Denmark

Creative Director: Jesper Schmidt

Art Directors / Copywriters: Anna Just Melson, Mikkel Møller, Bue Peitersen

Published: June 2009

Big Mac

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Coffee Pole

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Advertising Agency: Cossette West, Canada

Creative Director: Bryan Collins, Rob Sweetman

Copywriter: Michael Milardo

Art Director: Eric Arnold

Yass Fail

Yes, even McDonald’s ads sometimes FAIL. Billboard along the Hume Highway near the town of Yass in New South Wales Australia. For those who didn’t get it, read again – “My Ass Open 6 am”

Eid Mubarak

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In case you don’t know much about Islam, this will be hard to get, so let me give you a hint. Eid is a religious holiday, when muslims pray more than any other time of the year. They pray with their palms facing their face and fingers close together.(source)

Advertising Agency: Leo Burnett, New Delhi

Copywriter: Rondeep Gogoi

Art: Sumonto Ghosh

Photographer- Pankaj Arora

The Olympic crew selection is on. Can you manage it?

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Advertising Agency: Leo Burnett, Milan, Italy

Creative Director: Enrico Dorizza

Art Director: Raffaele Cesaro

Copywriters: Enrico Dorizza, Raffaele Cesaro

Photographer: Archive / Fotostudio Perazzoli

Illustrator: Raffaele Cesaro

Published: 2005

Free Coffee

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Advertising Agency: Cossette West, Canada

Creative Director: Bryan Collins, Rob Sweetman

Copywriter: Michael Milardo, Bryan Collins

Art Director: Eric Arnold, Rob Sweetman

Make A Deal: Turbo Roller Coaster

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Parents know, that McDonald’s restaurants are not the best place for their kids to eat out, but on the other hand, it may still be better than other children’s caprices.  So if you don’t  ride a turbo-coaster - “Make a deal!”.

Advertising Agency: DDB South Africa

Executive Creative Director: Gareth Lessing

Creative Director: Julie Maunder

Art Director: Steven Jones

Photographer: Clive Stewart

Copywriter: Kenneth van Reenen

Big ‘n’ Juicy

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Eurosize poster sites were turned into huge serviette dispensers complete with giant serviettes made from original serviette material. This was done to promote McDonald’s largest hamburger ever, the Big ’n’ Juicy.

Advertising Agency: DDB Stockholm, Sweden

Executive Creative Director: Andreas Dahlqvist

Creative Director: Johan Holmström

Art Director: Simon Higby

Art Director: Ted Harry Mellström

Copywriter: Martin Lundgren

Photographer: Alexander Pihl

Account Manager: Lars Friberg

Agency Producer: Joachim Levin

Released: December 2007

1×1 Euros

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Advertising Agency: Heye & Partner, Munich, Germany

Creative Directors: Jan Okusluk, Oliver Diehr

Art Director / Copywriter: Volker Heuer

Photographer: Mathias Remmling

Released: October 2008

Official sponsor of Torino 2006 Winter Olympics

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Agency: DDB, Amsterdam, Netherlands

Creative Director: Joris Kuijpers, Dylan de Backer

Copywriter: Robert den Bremer

Art Director: Edward Romunde

Postproduction: Souverein

Coffee bean

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Nice try, mom…

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Advertising Agency: GBK Heye, Munich, Germany

Creative Directors: Alexander Bartel, Martin Kiessling

Art Director: Zeljko Pezely

Photographers: Thomas Hannich

Asian Weeks till 24th August

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Advertising Agency: DDB Helsinki, Finland

Art Director: Jukka Mannio

Copywriter: Vesa Tujunen

Photographer: Mikko Harma / Kustom

Other additional credits: Mika Wist

Released: August 2008

Objects in the Mirror are Closer (concept)

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This one was probably not executed, but still very creative.

“Think it have it”

Copy: Brajesh Soni

Concept & Design: Brajesh Soni

Note: This concept has been done for “Dont Drink n Drive and Save tree”. Here I have just done for McD.

McDonald’s: Night

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Advertising Agency: DDB Sydney, Australia

Executive Creative Director: Matt Eastwood

Copywriter: Alex Stainton

Art Director: Jakub Szymanski

Photographer: Christian Mushenko

Typographers: Jason Young, Erwin Santoso

Account Supervisor: Penny Sarfati

Advertiser’s Supervisor: Helen Farquhar

Retoucher: Dennis Monk

Rock ‘n’ Fries

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Advertising Agency: Taterka Comunicacoes, Sao Paulo, Brazil

Creative Director / Copywriter: Rodrigo Vezza¡

Art Director: Luciano Honda

Photographer: Arnaldo Pappalardo

Published: July 2008


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To showcase the McDonald’s breakfast menu throughout different times of the morning, an accurate working sundial was designed.

Advertising Agency: Leo Burnett, Chicago, USA

Creative Directors: Mark Tutssel, John Montgomery

Copywriter: Gary Fox-Robertson

Art Director: Vince Cook

Chief Creative Officer: John Condon

McDonald’s in Birkerod re-opens in 1 week

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Advertising Agency: DDB, Copenhagen, Denmark

Creative Director: Poul Mikkelsen

Art director / Copywriter / Photographer: Tim Ustrup, Mikkel Møller

Photo Retoucher: Morten Hagstrøm

The Real Milkshake

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Advertising Agency: DDB Helsinki, Finland

Creative Directors: Jukka Mannio, Vesa Tujunen

Art Director: Jukka Mannio

Copywriter: Vesa Tujunen

Illustrators: Janne Itäpiiri, Antti Salminen

Other additional credits: Miika Helenius, Jarno Lindblom, Pia Eiro

Published: April 2009

24/7 Drive Thru

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Advertising Agency: DDB Auckland, New Zealand

Executive Creative Director: Toby Talbot

Creative Group Head: Paul Hankinson

Creatives: Emmanuel Bougneres, Joe Hawkins

Photographer: Fraser Clement

Retoucher: The Lounge


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Advertising Agency: DDB, Sweden

Copywriter: Magnus Jakobsson

Art Director: Fredrik Simonsson

Account Manager: Pelle Josephsson

Production Manager / runner: Michael Bugaj

Typography: Daniel Liljas

Traps: It’s McLobster season

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Advertising Agency: Cossette Atlantic, USA

Creative Director: Bruce Whelan

Art Directors: Trina Tucker, Jessica Tipping

Copywriter: Alayna Miller

Production: Beverley Gallant

Photographers: James Ingram, Jive Photographic

Location: Shaun Clarke

Post production: Jive Photographic

Enjoy our broadest menu ever

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Advertising Agency: DDB, Sweden

Creative Director: Andreas Dahlqvist

Senior Art Director: Patrick Emt

Senior Copywriter: Stefan Gustafsson


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Advertising Agency: DDB Helsinki, Finland

Art Director: Jukka Mannio

Copywriter: Vesa Tujunen

Illustrator / Photographer: Pinata

Published: December 2008

Extra fresh carrots. Only 10kr

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Advertising Agency: DDB, Stockholm, Sweden

Creative Team: Andreas Dahlqvist, Lars Friberg, Simon Higby, Ted Harry Mellström, Mattias Manitski

McDonald’s: Merry Christmas

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Advertising Agency: TBWANeboko, Amsterdam, Netherlands

Art Director: Edward Romunde

Copywriter: Robert den Bremer

Photographer: Thomas Pelgrom

Published: December 2008

No time to stop? Drive-thru.

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The idea here was to keep McDonald’s front and centre, in a multi-tasking world. The articles are real. Just colour was added. By fitting into the target’s activity (reading the news), rather than interrupting it, the “on-the-go” brand benefit was demonstrated. (source)

Agency: Cossette Atlantic, Halifax

Creative Director: Don Veinish

Copywriter: Don Veinish

Art Director: Bhavik Gajjar

Photographer: John Sherlock

Take your children’s imagination to their favorite place this summer.

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Advertising Agency: DDB Philippines, Manila, Philippines

Creative Director: Teeny Gonzales

Art Directors: Anton Panajon, Joseph Velasquez

Copywriter: Trina Martirez

Account Planner: Lester Obice

Published: February 2009

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