‘Tis the season when everybody tries hard to properly arrange decorations both in inner and outer worlds getting ready for the holidays. End-of-year reviews are one of the essential parts of the process – in every possible area, there are lists of the most successful things of 2017 and trends predictions for 2018.

At year-end of 2017, team behind Depositphotos (world’s leading visual content marketplace) came up with the idea of creative project that brings visual and music art together (not limited to only 12 past months though:). Over a dozen of visual artists were invited to reimagine some of the all-time legendary record covers.

19 young creatives have presented their personal unique vision of 19 true music masterpieces’ visual component. In their experiments with the covers, designers tried to put forward their artistic perception while not departing too far from the original images.

A good chance to get inspired and remind yourself of some of the timeless records, right?

More info: depositphotos.com

Iconic record covers in their original version

Alex Norg’s cover design for ABBEY ROAD (1969) by The Beatles

Alberto Cittone’s cover design for ALADDIN SANE (1973) by David Bowie

Antony Kitson’s cover design for THE DARK SIDE OF THE MOON (1973) by Pink Floyd

Evgeniy Moryakov’s cover design for NEVER MIND THE BOLLOCKS (1977) by Sex Pistols

Dmitri Demidenko’s cover design for TRUE BLUE (1986) by Madonna

Giga Kobidze’s cover design for VIOLATOR (1990) by Depeche Mode

Anja Schemeleva-Konovalenko’s cover design for NEVERMIND (1991) by Nirvana

Giacomo Carmagnola’s cover design for Richard D. James (1996) by Aphex Twin