How would you describe your life in a word? I’d say adventure! 140 days abroad is all about my Erasmus experience and the stuff I’ve learnt and done. I am an art student from Cluj, Romania who went for a semester in Belgium in the city of Liege, but the unofficial story is that I really needed some time away.

I needed to go out there and find myself. Have I managed to do that? I still have a couple of years (hopefully 70, cause now I’m 23) to answer that.

In those 140 days abroad, I fell in love with places I’ve never been to before, I met new people, I’ve heard great stories, I was homesick, I brought 15 plane tickets, I got broke, I cried but I still was broke. I took a lot of pictures.

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Amsterdam Rush Hour

Antwerp Art Moment

Belgian Delight In Brugge

Always Look Left When In Dublin

Express Yourself While In Gent

Tram Your Way In Lisbon

Fjord Sightseeing In Oslo

Feeling Lost In Liege

Drop A Tear In Amsterdam

Get Lucky In Dublin

Climbing Rooftops In Oslo

Ride A 3 Wheel Car In Lisbon

Fall In Love When In Brugge

Peek-A-Boo In Amsterdam

Get Drunk At A Museum When In Dublin

When Abroad, It Was Us Against The World