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Souvenir Optical Illusions by Michael Hughes

At first glance, it may look like the real Big Ben. But wait… what’s that hand doing in there?

Actually, it’s the hand of photographer and tourist Michael Hughes who creates cool optical illusions by placing cheap souvenirs in front of famous landmarks. Michael has discovered the technique back in 1998 when he held up a postcard he bought for his daughter on the tourist platform at the Lorelei cliffs next to the river Rhine.

“I was amazed because it just seemed to fill a massive grey hole that was in the sky and it was the exact position the photographer had taken the picture from,” said Michael to Daily Mail.

His Flickr site is now well beyond the 5 million mark, but the absolute high point was when he got an email from the producer of the Jay Leno Show. Unfortunately, “the ensuing telephone conversation was enough to persuade her that he would be utterly useless on TV, so he missed his big chance.”

Website: | flickr

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  • Ja Wood via Facebook

    Clever idea love it.

  • Karen Blake-Bahr via Facebook

    Italy! It’s fantastico!!

  • Kris Windom via Facebook

    Nowhere. :( I do head out to Glacier in about 2 weeks though.

  • Sunil Talati via Facebook


  • Austėja Tee via Facebook

    Slovakia and Latvia :)

  • Goga Priba via Facebook

    In Croatia.

  • Anonymous

    Personally, i’ve never really been one for souvenirs but after looking at this, i figure not too bad. I guess its just a little something to remember those places by. Pretty cool. As usual Bored Panda brings epic things to me. Thank you :)

  • Prachya Phakchan via Facebook


Author:   Date posted: Aug 23rd, 2012
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