One of the reasons why Halloween is such a fun holiday is because it gives us some fun opportunities to get creative. Whether it’s designing the perfect costume, turning your home into a haunted mansion, or creating creepy and terrifying treats for your guests, Halloween gives us a chance to get our creative brain goo flowing. Here are 20 awesome Halloween food ideas for revolting-yet-delicious treats and meals you can serve for your guests. [Read more...]

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What’s awesome about these foods is that they all sound delicious but also look absolutely disgusting or terrifying. Whether it’s a platter of sticky stuffed roaches, some zombie brain jello shots, or a baby cake that stares directly into your soul, these recipes are sure to wreak delicious havoc among your guests.

If you’ve got a cool Halloween recipe idea, let us know!

1. Raspberry Jello Worms on a Bed of Chocolate Doughnut Crumbs

Image credits: Steve Chao

2. Hot Dog Mummies

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3. Marshmallow and Peanut Butter Dirty Ear Wax Q-Tips

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4. Guacamole Puking Pumpkin

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5. Cat Litter Cake

Image credits: moviegee1976

6. Witch’s Finger Cookies

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7. Icky Intestine Cake for your Halloween Guests

Recipe here

8. Childbirth Strawberry Cake

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9. Crap Cookies

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10. Zombie Brain Jello Shots

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11. Unborn Baby Cookies

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12. Snake Cake

Image credits: North Star Cakes

13. Band-Aid Cookies

Image credits: Katherine Maries

14. Carved Skull Water Melons

Image credits: Dimitri Tsykalov

15. Toddler Toddy Punch

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16. Cream Cheese- and Walnut-Stuffed Roach Dates

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17. Jello Heart

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18. Turkey Cake

Image credits: Sarah Hardy

19. Halloween Ribs

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20. Meat Hand

Image credits: littlecabbage