It appears that the President isn't the only one who has trouble keeping his hands to himself.

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The Trump administration has once again managed to become a Twitter meme after VP Mike Pence was shown a piece of critical space flight hardware during a tour of NASA's Kennedy Space Center in Florida - and plopped his hand down directly under a sign reading DO NOT TOUCH. Reuters photographer Mike Brown did the honors of capturing the moment, which is pretty much the funniest thing we've seen since the Trump orb.

It's the latest "negative press covfefe" Pence has faced since mid-June, when students at the University of Notre Dame, Indiana, walked out at a commencement speech he was giving there. His comments made at this recent NASA tour are sure to cause even more problems, as he referred to space as "the heavens," and asserted that America would "rule over them." Star Wars, anyone? When you're famous, it seems, NASA lets you do whatever you want - even grabbing 'em by the hardware.

As expected, Twitter users sicked themselves on the VP's blunder like a pack of mad dogs, sparking a glorious overture of memes and Photoshop edits. Check out some of the most killer ones below, and if you're feeling brave, grab the raw images below and do your worst - just make sure to add it to our list!




Mike Pence Do Not Touch

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Stefani Manard 1 week ago

This photo is peering directly into my nightmares.

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Porkchopsandwhiches Report

GalaxyInAJar 1 week ago

Me? No I didn't touch anything!

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Mike Pence Do Not Touch

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Phoenix Hocking 1 week ago

Jeez, really? Can't you read (either)?

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Mike Pence Do Not Touch

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Marzo Florida 4 days ago

"Uh, well, erm, umm, hmm."


Mike Pence Do Not Touch

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daniellabob 1 week ago

how many months are u dear?

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