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Maps They Didn’t Teach You In School

Ever wondered how your penis or breast size compares to the rest of the world? Which countries smile and which countries don’t? How smart are your fellow countrymen compared to the other nations? And nobody taught you that in school? Well, we collected a list of offbeat and fun maps that will answer your questions!

World Map of The Penis Size Worldwide


The Breast Cup Size Worldwide


World Map of Happiness

The Gallup researchers found evidence of what many have long suspected: money does buy happiness–at least a certain kind of it. In a related report, they studied the reasons why countries with high gross domestic products won out for well-being, and found an association between life satisfaction and income. Data: Gallup World Poll (full table of The World’s Happiest Countries)

World Map of Social Networks

Nuclear Power Plants Worldwide


World Map of National IQ Scores

The intelligence scores came from work carried out earlier this decade by Richard Lynn, a British psychologist, and Tatu Vanhanen, a Finnish political scientist, who analysed IQ studies from 113 countries, and from subsequent work by Jelte Wicherts, a Dutch psychologist. (Data:

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  • papounet

    Ok so Africans are stupid?! In which languages did they do these IQ tests? what were tha questions?


    americans and britsh 2 most stupid nations from civilized countries have avarage iq 95, hahaha

    • John Doe

      Uhhh, you do know the only region that was higher was a couple countries in Asia, right?  And that Hispanic regions (like where your name comes from ) score lower than both US and England, right?  Oh wait, you don’t have a high enough IQ to process what I told you, based on your name and likely heritage.  Let me summarize for you:  you make wrong idea. not low america britain. now go make fire.

      • Israel Navas Duran

        But we have longer penises.

    • Steven Leather

      FFS, Do you know where England is???? look again, IQ in england is in th 99-108 range.

  • John Doe

    Funny that the mapmakers couldn’t match up their color key on each map with the actual colors used on each map…

  • Alireza Hussainy

    Ths is really amazin

  • Christian Stoyanov

    Amreicans having 91-99 IQ results . HAaah,,,,Now You know IQ has nothing to do with how smart You are.

  • D.D.Craig

    What newspapers have you been reading? Most studies/statistics have shown Netherlands, Switzeland, Sweden, Norway, Finland, Denmark and Norway (all in Europe and a few more like Ireland, Lichtenstein, Luxemburg) have always scored in the top 10 or 20 in the last 5 years. You can add U.S., Canada, and Australia to the mix. There are a few Latin American countries that break the top twenty-five – Costa Rica and Guatemala had a stint in it a couple times.

  • Ej_unwinn

    Education has nothing to do with intelligence, intelligence is a measure of one’s ability to process information and make meaning of it. Education is just the “amount” of knowledge one has memorized. They are not related. Intelligence is genetic, education is influenced by social factors. 


    africans are really dumb then, eh?

  • giani

    this is bullshit

  • ronhermione

    haaha ITS A TOTAL LIE and truely made by american…
    u r tellin me african women hav smaller breast thn american…
    n indian ppl hav less iq thn american,…haha..dere whole country works on india…its a nyc idea bt really unrealistic stats!