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Creepily Cute Valentine’s Day Cards

Love makes even the most rational and reserved of us act like teenagers – drool over a photo of the beloved one, sigh deeply at night and talk fluffy words. Australian art collective “Hubbawelcome” mocks this in their Valentine’s Day greeting cards, placing ironic and somewhat stalker-ish captions next to cute and childish drawings. Chris Mundy and Greg Lockhart, currently based in East London, say that they’re inspired by the online culture and the loneliness and isolation it causes.

“In our work we visualise the obsessive and disposable nature of how individual people interact online,” says Chris. Clearly this results in lack of proper communication skills and ways to show appreciation, and this is what the guys transfered to their greeting cards. We suggest you step away from the computer if you find these love confessions completely normal and understandable!


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  • Thale Isabell R via Facebook

    Haha the best: ” I love you so much I’ve saved one of your farts in a tupperware container.”

  • Jim Hatch via Facebook

    The last one was gross…

    • gonzo

      All of them are totally gross and creepy…

  • Hap Hall via Facebook


  • Jiří Marek via Facebook

    Creapy.. :(

  • Ed

    Awesome and funny.