Fern the 18-month-old boxer has become an internet celebrity after a hilarious scene she caused in the streets of Dundee, Scotland. When her owners, Graham and Fiona Haddow, had spent only 5 minutes in the nearby shops, Fern grew impatient and planted her paw firmly on their car’s horn. Hilarity ensued. [Read more...]

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When the two heard the car horn go off, they thought little of it. But after they returned to their car 15 minutes later, they discovered that a small crowd had gathered around their vehicle. Passers-by were probably concerned that someone had passed out behind the wheel, but all they found was a pooch begging for attention.

Just a few months ago, however, Fern had just overcome a battle with meningitis, a potentially fatal disease. Despite her hardships, however, it looks like she’s just as bossy and playful as ever!

Source: dailymail.co.uk