Winter's a beautiful season, but let's face it – if you wake up on a work day and find your car snowed or, worse yet, iced in, it sucks. Once in a while, however, winter will throw you a bone by covering your car in beautiful frost, ice and snow art. It'll probably still suck, but at least it will be pretty!

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Apparently, this happens quite often, so if you've got a photo of some beautiful frost formations on your car, we'd love to see them!

#2 Some Ice Spider Webbed My Car

Some Ice Spider Webbed My Car Report

DavidL. 2 years ago

wow, the ice crystals formed on a spider web? Never seen that before

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#3 Mother Nature Made Some Ice Art On My Car This Morning

Mother Nature Made Some Ice Art On My Car This Morning Report

SallySnode 2 years ago

It's fairies ice skating. Didn't anyone watch Fantasia?

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#5 Frozen Car Window

Frozen Car Window Report

DonnaThorburn 2 years ago

It's a beautiful color combo.

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#9 Mercedes

Mercedes Report

KittyLi-hangHe 2 years ago

Looks like a Native American wearing a feather crown.

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#11 Frost



AnjaJ. 2 years ago

It looks like a forest with big trees. beautiful :)

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