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Cut-Away Leaf Art by Lorenzo Duran

We have already featured some beautiful cut-away leaf art by Lorenzo Duran before, and now I came a cross a very similar ad campaign by Legas Delaney for Plant for the Planet. The aim of the campaign was to show leaf’s ability to absorb CO2. At first I thought the idea of leaf cutting was borrowed from Duran, however after looking at the credits I realized that the artist was actually working on this campaign.

As we mentioned before, Lorenzo Duran was originally inspired by the old paper-cutting techniques of Chinese and Japanese, and later decided to apply them on leaves. The artist finds the perfect leaf and then washes, dries, molds and gently cuts away at it until he makes his incredible delicate art. It requires a lot of patience and it’s easy to lose days of work in an instant, because fragile leaves can break right at the end.


Advertising Agency: Leagas Delaney, Hamburg, Germany | Executive Creative Director: Hermann Waterkamp | Creative Director: Michael Götz, Florian Schimmer | Art Directors: Felix Boeck, Robert Westphal | Copywriter: Heiko Franzgrote | Illustrator: Lorenzo Durán, Nadine Hoenow | Account manager: Heinke Kraack

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  • Shanna Doherty via Facebook


  • Nick Leggio

    I’m gonna get some leafs! Not marijuana ones though! I mean the ones that arn’t used for that purpose! Like I mean, that I am going to get leafs for a different purpose, the soul purpose being to save da planet!

  • Nick Leggio via Facebook

    How popular is BoredPanda? It is an awesome sight and I feel like it doesn’t have the popularity it deserves but I don’t even know how much popularity it has. I go on like everyday cause it’s in my favorites. :)

  • Zoran Kuzmanov via Facebook

    Nah! It’s photo- shopped. That is the easy way to do this and no sane person would actually cut a leaf- which would discolor; suggestive of fake here; how many are conned?

  • Bored Panda via Facebook

    Zoran, here are some more photoshopped works by Duran:

  • Bored Panda via Facebook

    Nick Leggio : thanks! Est.Impressions 1,355,000 (last 30 days) and ~11,000 RSS+Email subscribers. Could be better, but I’m not complaining :)

  • Zoran Kuzmanov via Facebook

    Laser cutting equipment used currently is capable of doing this on everything from leaves, fabric, metal and glass. The references to CO2 and Global Warming/Climate Change are naive at best and discredit those pieces. Climate invariably changes and the natural evolution of over 99% of all life throughout history is towards extinction so overly emotive concerns about extinctions are misplaced; Leaf well alone.

Author:   Date posted: Feb 7th, 2012
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