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20 Most Creative Ads on Buildings

You’ve probably already seen our huge list of World’s Strangest Buildings, and now it’s time to see how buildings can be creatively used  in advertising.

Yesterday I was walking by an office building and looked up and saw a huge sign on it: “Affection”. As it turns out, it’s the name of an IT company that is renting some office space in that building. However, from a mere mortal’s point of view, it may seem that the whole building belongs to them.

If a plain logo can have such a strong impact when placed on a building, this means that after putting some creativity in your message – it could have a tremendous success. Besides being on 24 hours a day, ads on buildings also target a specific audience according to location.

To sum up, building advertisements are BIG, powerful, location-based and always on. And if they are really good – they also end up here on Bored Panda.

So,  let’s take a look at 20 most creative examples of ads placed on buildings and afterwards tell us: which one do you like best?

1. Coop’s Paints (Insurance Ad)

Advertising Agency: TM Advertising , USA, Dallas

2. Wash Me

Alco – extremely concentrated industrial cleaning products. Advertising Agency: Alma, Santiago, Chile

3. Axe : Calendar

Advertising Agency: When Gee, Seoul, South Korea

4. In An Absolut World

Advertising Agency: TBWA Berlin

5. Allstate Insurance: Marina Tower

Advertising Agency: Leo Burnett Chicago, USA

6. Powerhouse Gym

Advertising School: Savannah College of Art & Design, Savannah, USA

7. Coca-Cola : Refresh On The Side Of Life

Advertising Agency: Maclaren McCann, Toronto, Canada (thanks Cutie)

8. Vodafone : Make The Most Of Now

Agency: BBH London

9. Anando Milk – Superhuman Powers

Advertising Agency: McCANN ERICKSON, Mumbai, India

10. Inception: The Dream Is Real

Advertising Agency: unknown

11. Lego Block

Advertising Agency: unknown

12. Check The Gas

Advertising Agency: unknown

13. Pepsi and Nescafe

Advertising Agency: unknown

14. Pantene Anti-Breakage Shampoo

Advertising Agency: Grey Canada, Toronto, Canada

15. Red Bull : City Scramble

Advertising Agency: Kastner & Partner, Sydney, Australia

16. Siemens Mixer

Advertising Agency: unknown

17. Nike Football

Advertising Agency: unknown

18. Nike Sport

Advertising Agency: unknown

19. Mini: Vending Machine

Advertising Agency: unknown

20. Kill Bill Vol. 1

TBWA Berlin

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What do you think?

  • Arka

    Dude, the pic of Nescafé and Pepsi is from here, Caracas, Venezuela! :)

    That’s a real sh*t that today we hadn’t that ads…

  • Grace

    The first one is from Columbus, Ohio and it’s not an ad for Coop’s Paint, it’s a Nationwide Insurance ad!

  • Bored Panda

    @Grace yep, the title has been a bit misleading, thanks for noticing :)

  • Sunnydoc

    Hi the images are not loading on this page..

  • fdgdgdg


  • Miffy

    I’ve got the same problem as Sunnydoc. No images at all.

  • Petaloudes

    Those ads are great!!! Especially the Axe Calendar one :-)

  • Damon

    same problem here, no images..

  • BillyBillsters


  • Bored Panda

    strange, I keep checking this page, and I’ve never experienced any problems. Thank you for telling us this, we’ll contact the tech support.

  • slin

    Works on chrome, not on firefox ….

  • No Images

    Im using adblock, and allthough it works great, didnt see any images.
    So made an exception, and the images reveal.. Whooohoo! Maybe it has something to do
    with coding or the name of the images?

  • Damon

    Adblocker is the problem ;-)

  • Shaun

    I love how adblock blocks the pictures of adverts, it works so well, even when you don’t want it to.

  • Delia

    I like the Nike Football ad most.
    All these ads are wonderfull and extrodiary.
    Can I download these pitures?

  • José

    The Nescafé and Pepsi ads were removed by order of the goverment. The goverment said that they’re a danger because didn’t have a good maintenance and their bases were damaged. The Pepsi Ball was there (Caracass, Venezuela) since 1999.

  • dave

    i’m on firefox and it works great, love the ads

  • Victor

    Absolutely amazing. I like all.

  • Peter

    Images do not appear, must be something wrong with the code of this page. Looked with Firefox as well as Safari, and only by looking at the page source I managed to see the images.

    • Antoine Quirion Couture

      For me adblock in firefox was blocking the images. Disabled it on the page : Ok !

  • Cndy_bst

    disapointing !

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  • Bikal Makaju

    nice collection of the creative ads.Best is that of axe calendar.Simple but effective.

  • venezuela

    Nescafe’s Cup and Pepsi’s ball (the name as we knew them), were located in Downtown of the capital city Caracas-Venezuela. After 8 years of being there, the government decided to remove them because apparently it were dangerous for the pedestrians. They were icons of the city.

  • Ifadoesnotforget

    I love this site…. a lot ^-^

  • Jitter Garcia

    These are the kinds of things that really make me want to get into the marketing and advertising business. Thanks for the inspiration.

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  • Janis Bartlett Wood


  • Janis Bartlett Wood


  • Rocky

    17 –> JWT