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Cat Transit System for a Home Office

Do you remember the Pipeline Fish Tank we listed in the collection of the most unusual and creative aquariums? This cat transit system is based on exactly the same idea, but this time it’s dedicated for our feline friends.

Architecture firm Because We Can, led by interior designer Jillian Northrup and her husband architect Jeffrey McGrew, had to turn an under utilized room in a private residence into a highly functional and inspirational place to work from home. Besides turning the room into a splendid mad science lair, they also made what Northrup calls “the fist step to greater cat mobility throughout the room”.

The Cat Tube stretches around the room and gives the cat access to the top of the armoire. There’s even a couple of small windows that let you see where your cat is going. Just take my money already!

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Author:   Date posted: Dec 22nd, 2012
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