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Amazing 3D Pencil Drawings by 17 Year Old Fredo

Young Chilean artist Fredo draws absolutely mind-blowing three-dimensional pencil drawings that look like they’re about to jump off the page. Well, actually, he’s already 20 years old at the time of writing this article, but our title is not completely a lie – majority of his works were submitted to Deviant Art back in 2008 or even 2007 when he was 16-17 years old.

His real name is actually Wladimir Inostroza, but he goes goes by the name Fredo. Inspired by the great masters like, M.C. Escher, Rembrandt, Beksinski and Arcimboldo, Fredo has developed his own modern style. Some of his 3d drawings took him only 30 minutes to complete, but there were cases where he needed a whole month. To achieve this level of realism, he also incorporates real objects in his work.

The young talented artist says that music is an integral part of his creative process, and his biggest inspiration comes from bands like Tool, Sigur Rós, and Explosions in the Sky.

Websites: | deviantart

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  • Daimon Kaisar

    Muy bueno!

  • Alexingenio


  • Ololololol

    ахуенно !

  • Sara Alaa

    brilliant !!!

  • Guest

    those are awesome!
    it makes me feel bad about my drawing skills…

  • Mandy Kilinskis

    Amazing drawings, even though a good majority of them a little creepy for my taste. Regardless of my taste, though, these are truly striking. Fredo has a long, talented career ahead of him!

  • Fru Teston

    fantastic technique, but images seem tired, old, to shock is obviously a paramount goal, rewarding to the artist but rather boring to this viewer.

  • Lickingacetone

    Awesome. Creepy. Love it!

  • bannatyn

    i became a fan of fredo as soon as his first drawing was shown to me. it’s odd having someone my age  and seeing how much more talent they have than most other’s. I just can’t fathom how he can have a mind set and an eye for this. I wonder how he started, and if he just does this for fun-or he even has hardcore fans that became his following. Anyways-i love fredo’s work!

  • Marissa Lizares


  • a girl

    i wish i could draw like him..

  • Rohdejack

    fredo must bee posessed?

  • Darryll Daluddung


  • Ferdzmcorrales

    your awesome man!!! haha cool

  • Anonymous


  • Khidir

    0.o he like eyes…


    Great art :x

  • Rydogg23

    holy shit. thats amazing. nuff said

  • Rydogg23

    holy shit. thats amazing. nuff said

  • Daniel Lopes

    SHow de Bola

  • Sonia

    love it…..what an extra ordinary imagination…..want to see more…

  • Shivam Sing5

    aewsome sketches  … i love it 

  • Killer Rajput07

    Great sketches and i love that all are really aewsome………………..!!!!!!

  • Makeup Diva

    I cant stop looking at these amazing works of art! I mean holy hell his talent is STUPENDOUS! I’ve never seen anything quit like this. This kid is going to be an artistic icon one day!

  • Blue Fighter (Shadow)

    WTF! i have been 2 weeks trying to draw any f these and i cant lol

  • fU3hr3r


  • OptimusPrime

    Fantastic Dude!!

  • Passenger from China Mainland


    Words cannot describe how amazing they are.

    I like drawing too(Comparing with you, I am nothing)

  • michelle reveles

    you really own a gift, i enjoyed your work of art and creativity. keep forward your headed to the top. you have a bright future, i admire you and wish you the best.