It’s no big secret that a sizeable hunk of Yelpers and so-called food ‘critics’ are privileged, arrogant, and selfish individuals who want free stuff handed to them in exchange for their ‘magnanimous’ attention online. It takes only a minute to realize that these Yelpers can’t hold a candle to real gastronomical pundits.

One Yelper got extremely mad after their meal wasn’t compensated. Nor were they given a discount in exchange for the promise of ‘exposure.’ See, the Yelper thought that their promise of posting that they loved the restaurant’s food on Instagram somehow entitled them to eat without paying as much as other customers. The fact that the food was divinely delicious didn’t stop them from giving the Italian restaurant a 1-star review online. Talk about sour grapes.

One Yelper thought that an Italian restaurant’s food was amazing, but still gave them a 1-star review

Richpacker, the Redditor who posted a redacted version of the review online, sure got the internet’s attention: more than 59,400 people upvoted the Yelper’s ridiculous rant and over 1,600 individuals commented on the post. Among the comments were plenty of similar stories about privileged and snobbish wannabe critics.

The story most likely resonated with so many people because they wanted justice for the Italian restaurant. Apparently, some ‘critics’ believe that a place serving delicious food doesn’t deserve any plaudits if they refuse to dance to their selfish tune.

Chefs and restaurateurs have different perspectives on Yelp reviewers. For example, Jay Jerrier of ‘Il Cane Rosso’ in Dallas told Eater that his biggest gripe with Yelp is that it’s a platform meant for passive-aggressive individuals: “I don’t understand why somebody can’t wait to hurry home and write an anonymous one-star Yelp review when they’re at the restaurant and they can say, “This pizza wasn’t cooked the way I wanted.”

“If we bring you a pizza and you’ve eaten one-eighth of it, we’re going to say, well, is there something wrong that you don’t like? It takes me two minutes to get you another pizza, so give me a chance to fix it,” Jerrier expressed his opinion. “When we first opened I was obsessed reading all the Yelp reviews and panicking every time somebody said something shitty. But now we’re at the point where I hardly ever look at it.”

What’s your opinion of Yelp reviewers, dear Readers? Do you think that food ‘critics’ are more entitled than before? How would you deal with entitled and pretentious critics who want to eat at a discount just because they’re ‘influential’?

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