If you’re a woman you are familiar with the pants dance, that wriggling, jumping movement it sometimes takes to get everything in place. Well sometimes, much to our confusion, this doesn’t work. But I know my size! Did I gain weight? The pants I’m wearing now are the exact same size. Stop. Before going down the confusing rabbit hole of shoppers confusion again, you should read the following thread.

A Tumblr user posted three side by side pictures of herself wearing pants from different brands, taken on the same day. To the untrained eye, they all look pretty similar, however, as the user pointed out there is one glaring difference. Scroll down below to find out why you could be struggling in the dressing room, and if you are a man, why the women in your life take more time to shop.

Tumblr user leavethew0rldbehindyou posted this picture and it shows just how much the fashion industry messes with our heads

People agreed that the system was completely impractical