Everybody does dumb things – it’s no big news. Impulsivity or maybe peer pressure, whatever the reasoning is, chances are you’ve done something questionable recently too!

But the aunt of the author of today’s story might’ve just one-upped everyone. The thing is, the family went to visit an aquarium dedicated to jellyfish while on vacation when the woman decided to stick her hand into a tank. Naturally, she got stung, but instead of owning up to her deeds, she threatened to sue.

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Woman disregards aquarium policy and sticks her hand into a jellyfish tank

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She gets stung and immediately raises a fuss, claiming that she’ll sue everyone

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AITA for telling my aunt to stop being a ‘Karen’ after she wanted to sue the jellyfish museum after getting stung by a jellyfish?” – this internet user took to one of Reddit’s most honorable communities to ask its members if they’re indeed a jerk for lashing out at their aunt who willingly stuck her hand in a jellyfish tank and got stung. The post managed to garner 3K upvotes as well as 284 comments discussing the situation.

Our wildlife is, without a doubt, phenomenal; I mean, have you ever binge-watched a documentary and just lost it over how cute and fascinating all the animals are?

And we all know what happens when we find something cute – we want to squeeze it, hold it, pat it, whatever. However, no matter how big the urge is, if you ever encounter an animal that isn’t part of your household – don’t do it! Even if it’s a stray dog or a cat, but especially if it’s something you came across on your hike.

First of all, if you try to touch a wild animal, chances are you’ll get sent to the man upstairs in no time – however, have you ever considered what impact it has on the animal itself? Animals are highly vulnerable to diseases spread by human contact; they can die from bacteria transferred from your hands even if it has no effect on you. Moreover, ordinary things like lotion, perfume, sunscreen, and bug-repellent spray are very toxic to wildlife, particularly to the star of today’s article – marine life. Plus, it also causes them immense stress, which could result in physical harm or, again, death.

The point is, keep your hands to yourself, people!

Now, regarding jellyfish, those seemingly harmless transparent blobs. There are a bazillion species around the world, and while most are harmless, should you encounter one that’s venomous – bad news, bud.

For example, Chironex fleckeri (also known as the Australian box jelly or sea wasp) is nearly invisible and loves to hunt during the day, making it extra special for anyone who loves to swim around in shallow waters. The biggest issue, though, is that the creature has the ability to kill an adult man with a dose that weighs as much as a single grain of salt. So, perhaps refrain from befriending a jellyfish if you want to live.

Family member takes none of it and snaps, but instead gets told to “respect authority”

Image credits: Sladjana Karvounis (not the actual image)

To paint a picture, according to the 2022 AZ Animals piece – the world’s largest & most trusted collection of animal facts, pictures, and more – approximately 50 to 100 people die each year due to stings from the many species of box jellyfish. 

But, in the words of Harlan Ellison, “The two most common elements in the universe are hydrogen and stupidity,” and while the lead character of today’s tale is alive and well, the stupidity part is very much present.

So, let’s recap!

The family went on vacation and decided to visit this humongous aquarium dedicated to jellyfish and jellyfish only. A couple of tanks didn’t have protective lids on, and for some intricate reason, that provoked the aunt of the original poster to stick her hand inside and touch the poor creatures.

She has apparently touched many of them throughout her life, which, I suppose, has given her an ultimate pass to harass animals.

Anywho, of course, she got stung. She screamed, yelled, and even tried to involve a manager and tell everyone how she was going to sue, but was then quickly shut down by the author, who then got flak from their mother for not “respecting authority.” 

Pure madness, isn’t it? 

Let us know what you think about it.

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