Have you ever had a big meal and then your bloated belly got so big that you looked pregnant? If so, this thread that one woman started on Twitter, is for you. Fatimah, a young Londoner, posted a photo of her with a big food baby belly captioned: “I can’t be the only one that gets extremely bloated and starts imagining myself being pregnant?” As it turns out – no, Fatimah, you’re definitely not alone with bloated stomach, as hundreds of Twitter users have responded with their photos of ‘food babies’ and the thread gained a status of a legitimate support group.

This weekend, London-based influencer Fatimah, shared a photo of her with a “food baby”

Image credits: itsjustfatimah

Image credits: itsjustfatimah

She probably did not expect that the thread would go viral so quickly – hundreds of women (and not only them), responded with their ‘food pregnancy’ pictures

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People were glad to know that they’re not the only ones doing this and that bloated belly is nothing to be ashamed of

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Fatimah later shared a photo of her post-food baby body

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By sharing so many playful photos of their food baby bellies, women (and men) on Twitter remind us that bloating is not something to be ashamed of because it is all too common. “I’m so glad bloating is being normalized,” Fatimah tweeted on her viral thread. We’re definitely glad too!


And said that she loves the replies from people on the thread

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People were joyful to see such a fun thread and for some, it even helped them feel more confident

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Later, Fatimah told the media: “I had just finished eating a bunch of wasabi while watching anime and I realised how bloated I was and I thought it would be funny to share how bloated women can get.” She also added: “It’s 2019 and I feel like more women are becoming more accepting about the ‘flaws’ in our bodies and we’re embracing while also making light of it as well and I love it.”