For the privileged part of the world, buying menstrual pads is like buying chewing gum. You don’t think twice about it, and why would you? But even here, where sanitary pads are not considered a luxury, unlike it is in many not-so-fortunate countries, some people find themselves having ambivalent feelings about buying them in public.

In fact, this is what happened to a 23-year-old woman whose boyfriend refused to buy her pads at a store because “he didn’t want the cashier to see him buying pads.” The girlfriend, who found it ridiculous and couldn’t stop laughing at that point, shared the incident on Reddit in detail, where it amassed 31.2k upvotes.

Turns out, the guy was not joking and as you can imagine, the incident escalated. It all ended with the author calling him out for fragile masculinity, and asking people online if she was right to do so. Share your thoughts in the comment section below!

After a woman got her period all of a sudden, she asked her boyfriend to buy her pads but he refused, sparking an argument between the two

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So she told her boyfriend that his masculinity was fragile and shared the whole incident on Reddit to ask people whether she was too harsh or not

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And this is what people had to say about it