The 20’s is probably the toughest time in anyone’s life. Or at least that’s what people in their twenties think. Being crammed by so many seemingly life-changing choices and decisions, young adults often find themselves utterly confused. Many of us feel like this decade is the time when everyone should figure out their passions, aspirations, goals and of course, lay the foundations to their careers – basically figure out life.

However, sometimes it takes a lot longer than one decade to solve all of these things. So it’s not surprising why so many young people are so stressed out when they are pressured to decide what their life is going to look like right now.

Image credits: crrisatea

Image credits: crrisatea

The best advice in a situation like this is to let things figure out themselves. That’s the number one advice a recent grad student, Carrie, received from her professors.

Image credits: crrisatea

After having to ask herself, “What to do next?” after finishing her studies and finding no answer, she decided to ask for advice.

Image credits: crrisatea

Image credits: crrisatea

Asking her professors to share their own wisdom seemed to be the best choice.

Image credits: crrisatea

What’s even better, she decided to share their wisdom with others and her Twitter thread has been flooded with people expressing gratitude for this inspirational message during their own time of uncertainty.

Here’s how people reacted

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