Breakups are tough, and it’s hard to imagine a more painful one than Mr. and Mrs. Bull had. “For about two years our relationship with Virgin Media had been somewhat one-sided,” John Bull, a history writer from the UK, told Bored Panda. “We’d pay them about £50 a month and in return they would send us lots of glossy leaflets telling us how amazing a deal we were getting whilst singularly failing to provide any kind of usable internet connection.” Fed up with the company’s lack of effort, John’s wife took the bull by the horns and called Virgin Media to terminate their contract. But it wasn’t so simple. The clingy internet provider took offense and got really emotional.

“The trouble is, the UK [has] no effective rules <…> about making sure that the line speed a company promises actually equates to the line speed they provide and thus all of the major providers essentially over-promise and under-deliver,” John said. “If you’re unlucky enough to live in an area with poor coverage then this means often your only real choice in the marketplace is thus deciding which of the big three (Sky, Virgin, and BT) you mind being screwed over by least. For us, that was Virgin.”

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Twitter user John Bull found himself in the middle of a toxic relationship with his internet provider, and it just had to end

“TWO YEARS LATER they’re still sending us letters asking us if we’ve considered signing up again”