Hi, pandas! You seemed to enjoy my last post featuring my cute spin on the Grim Reaper, so I wanted to show you what I’ve been making since then.

What if, instead of calling death the Grim Reaper, we called death the Glam Reaper?

That was part of the inspiration for my webcomic, Pink Reaper. “Pink” is an alternate version of the traditional Grim Reaper who, after having their cloak dyed pink, learns to become kinder and, in a way, more human. That is helped in no small part by Pink’s best bud, Timmy. But Timmy’s not the only other character in Pink Reaper; below you’ll come across an adorable devil, a cute ghost, and a very unhelpful store employee. In the coming months, the cast of characters will continue to grow—you’ll soon meet a witch who plays video games and a highly annoying genie, so keep an eye out!

Overall, these comics are intended to make you smile. But I hope that when reading them, you can also consider that there’s kindness in everyone if you treat them nicely. I felt this was especially appropriate when using death as the central character—someone so often maligned for their role in something so essential to… well, life. Death isn’t always the funniest subject matter for a webcomic, but I hope that through humor, my readers can learn to worry less, share kindness more, and, of course, laugh.

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#17 Scythe store series