I went to the Wolf Education Project in Julian CA and got to see a pack of wolf ambassadors. Watching the kids get so excited when they saw the wolf ambassadors was priceless. I think they enjoyed the hike with a pack of wolf ambassadors the most. The smiles, laughter and questions is something I will remember and how these animals seemed to have transformed these young people in such a positive manner. Something a smart phone just can’t do.

More info: wolfeducationproject.org

Playing with wolf ambassador puppies will stay with this young man (both of them) for a long time

The beauty of hearing wolf ambassadors howl was one of the high lights of my trip to the Wolf Education Project

Going on a hike with these amazing animals in such a beautiful area is something that was life changing

They are so adorable at this young age

Very impressive as adults and they are so big!

I can still hear the howls as I was driving away