Photography is a complex and challenging art and craft that requires talent and knowledge, but that doesn’t stop some people from treating them like free photo dispensers. That’s why Italian designer Luca Masini created the aptly named “What Not To Say To Photographers” image series.

If you ever hire or simply talk to a photographer, try to avoid these questions – they’ll really get under their skin! Check out the photos and masini’r responses to Bored Panda’s questions below.

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In all these years as a graphic designer (more than 10 now!) I’ve collected, in a series of post-it on my desk, all phrases that customers are saying and I hate to hear,” Masini told Bored Panda.

After this, I thought that another frustrated category would be the photographers, so with the collaboration of Picame mag, we made a new series for them

When asked if he was a photographer himself, Masini said, “I ’m just a graphic designer with passion for the photography too, but not in a professional way. Obviously, working as a graphic designer kept me in contact with a lots of professional photographers who suggested a lot of these phrases

Mansini said he wanted people “to read these phrases with a smile in their faces, not being too angry, and keep them as suggestions to have a better relationship with future clients (maybe sending them this link!)

Thank you, Luca Masini, for answering our questions about your work! Good luck finding clients who know what to ask you!