If you love miniatures and have a few thousand dollars to spare, you might want to have a look at this 3d printer. Provided by a company called Junction3d, the Solus DLP 3D printer might revolutionize the miniature market.

“Using our patent-pending TUF peeling mechanism we have eliminated the need for replacing or re-coating resin tanks with PDMS, while at the same time providing a low-stick surface for smooth peeling,” the company writes on their website. They also claim that the printer allows for “a professional-level surface quality and incredibly fine details.”

This magic comes for $2,299. The projector is sold separately for $699 – $899, depending on the model. Intrigued? Have a look at the miniatures and jewelry below that were printed using Solus. Some of them are no more than an inch tall!

More info: junction3d.com (h/t: batnann)