In today’s episode of things you didn’t know you needed, I present to you these paw socks. Both creepy and kind of adorable, it’s a creative way to prank your cat and might be especially confusing to furballs who like to attack your feet. I’ll take a few pairs, please.

This Twitter user’s dad combines his love for cats and weird random products to mess with his pets. After sharing pictures of her dad showing matching paw socks to his two cats and capturing their priceless reaction, the tweet went viral with 84.9k retweets and 400.1k likes. The Twitter user shared hilarious pics with the caption “someone delete my dad’s shopee app now,” but we strongly disagree!

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This Twitter user posted a hilarious tweet about her dad’s bizarre purchase from Shopee and it went viral

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Her dad took his love for cats to another level and bought matching socks with his furballs

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Bored Panda reached out to Ms. Huda, the author of the tweet, to ask what was her initial reaction to her father’s purchase. “I had secondhand embarrassment for him at first and I was in disbelief.”

However, she decided to share the photos on Twitter to show her friends that her dad is “a goofy guy and that he buys silly things like these all the time,” but didn’t expect it to go viral.

Dad showed his brand new ‘paws’ to the cats and their emotions were priceless

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“The cats were horrified,” Ms. Huda told about the cats’ reaction to the matching socks. “Every single time he stomped up to them with those socks, they’d always run away, but eventually, they started playing with his toes.”

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Image credits: br0keb

Here’s how Twitter users reacted to these photos

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“He doesn’t really know how social media works, so he is pretty much confused and shocked, but he laughs it off and feels proud when I say a lot of people want to buy the socks,” Ms. Huda told us about her dad’s reaction to his unexpected fame.

It’s not the first time this dad has expressed his obsessions with dorky purchases—he also has stickers of cats breaking out of a toilet bowl

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Ms. Huda says they have many “little things that spice up their house,” such as a treasure chest-shaped coffee table, so we can expect this dad to strike again with an interesting find!