When a group of boys at the park approached Alanya Kolberg’s young son, Carson, and demanded that he share his toys with them, she handled the situation in a way that some parents weren’t expecting. After her story went viral, parents of the Internet weighed in, and you might be surprised by their reactions.

Kolberg’s post, written on April 19th, has already been shared over 200 thousand times, and has garnered just as many likes. Hundreds of parents and others took to the comment section, igniting a tricky but thought-provoking discussion on the true meaning of the old motto “sharing is caring.” Kolberg’s method, however, seemed to unite the opinions of readers more than it divided.

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After an experience at the park with her son Carson, this mom took to Facebook with a message to other parents


The brutally honest rant has now been shared over 200 thousand times, and follows like so:

“You can tell them no, Carson,” Kolberg told her young son. “Just say no. You don’t have to say anything else”

The mom’s actions brought forth praise from many commentators, who defended her parenting methods

Others, however, offered less supportive opinions on the matter, sparking fierce runoff debates




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