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I Travelled To Hoi An, Vietnam, And Took Pictures To Show What People’s Life Looks Like During Flood Season
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I Travelled To Hoi An, Vietnam, And Took Pictures To Show What People’s Life Looks Like During Flood Season


Hoi An Ancient Town, in central Vietnam, has two seasons in a year. From March to August, the weather is usually hot and sunny. From September to December, there are often floods and prolonged rains.

If you have the opportunity to come here at the end of the year, there may be prolonged rain and some floods. Floods usually only last a few days. The riverside area is often heavily flooded, while if you go back into the city, there will be no flooding.

These photos were taken by me at the end of 2020. I was walking, wearing a raincoat, and shielding my camera to look for photos of the flooding season in Hoi An. The photos in this article were mainly taken in the area around the Japanese bridge.

If you love photography and want to find more pictures of Hoi An and other places in Central Vietnam (Da Nang, My Son, Hue…), don’t hesitate to contact me via the website.

More info: | Facebook | Facebook | Instagram |

This is what it looks like in Hoi An Ancient Town, located in central Vietnam, during the rainy season where it continues to rain for half of the year

The authorities put up a line warning the route that people should not enter.

As a result, floods are quite common and can submerge everything in water


Water from the upstream mountainous area in Quang Nam flows towards Hoi An, which is located in the estuary area.

Floodwaters rise to the main streets such as Bach Dang, Nguyen Thai Hoc.

View of Hoai River, from Japanese bridge.

Here authorities are addressing an incident at An Hoi Bridge to ensure its safety


A lot of garbage is stuck at An Hoi bridge, in the center of Hoi An ancient town. Therefore, authorities collect garbage to clear the flow of water

During flood days, many businesses close


Business activities in the ancient town of Hoi An are temporarily halted on days with flood water. After that, everything got back to working quickly.

However, the locals are used to this annual event and it doesn’t seem to bother them

Local people often try to maintain their daily activities during the flood season. If the flood water is too high, they will relocate to another location.


Local people drinking coffee, watching flood water in Hoi An ancient town.

A couple took their wedding photos in a high place, next to the flood water.

Daily activities, including trading in the Hoi An market near the Hoai river bank, continue even with the floodwater underfoot

A local person walks in flood water, going to buy food.


Some tourists even rent boats to capture stunning pictures of the flooded city


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