If you ever considered yourself to be the biggest fan of something, you know the thrill of only imagining seeing your favorite actors on set, doing what they do best or at least catching a glimpse of them in real life. Now, imagine yourself not only spotting someone whose work you sincerely admire but getting to watch something that’s being credited as the most iconic scene of their career. One lucky fan got to experience exactly this when they looked out the window and – surprise surprise – Joaquin Pheonix himself was there, shooting his iconic stair dance from “Joker”.

Some lucky fan got to witness cinema history being made as they watched Joaquin Phoenix doing his iconic stair dance from “Joker”

Even though some fans got crazy about the dirt on the window and about all the trash that can be seen laying on the stairs in the video, seeing this epic scene through a murky screen adds a whole other perspective to the actor’s talent. After all, you get to truly appreciate him getting out of his comfort zone and spacing right out to the character we now love so much.

Not only did they get to see the actor up close with Joker’s distinctive hair and make-up

Image credits: Warner Bros

Joaquin Phoenix danced down those stairs in the Bronx that connect Shakespeare and Anderson avenues at West 167th Street as if no one was watching. Little did he know he was being watched not only on the cameras that were on set as he marched his way down. Even though people at the cinemas watched him do that to Gary Glitter’s “Rock and Roll Part 2”, this soundless video captured by a fan gives a new perspective of the actual scene.

They actually got to witness the exact take of the dance that was later featured in the film

Image credits: Warner Bros

As we’re heading towards nominees for the 92nd Academy Awards being announced Monday, January 13, 2020 and The Oscars 2020 airing February 9, 2020 on ABC, Joker has made more than $1.063 billion worldwide, making it the most profitable comic book movie of all time.

Our guess is these stairs in the Bronx will never be the same again

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