If Vespas are the hipsters of the scooter world then these Scooter Chairs are definitely the hipsters of the office-chair world. They might not be ideal for navigating the winding alleys of Florence or Rome but they’re perfect for making your colleagues super jealous!

Designed by Bel & Bel, a studio workshop in Barcelona founded by artists and designers Carles Bel and Jesus Bel, the Scooter Chairs are made from the chassis of old original Vespas. The chairs are upholstered in imitation leather and their height can be adjusted with hydraulic pistons. They also boast a reclining feature and they even include functioning lights on the back!

The Scooter Chair is available in a variety of colors, but as they’re limited edition, anybody who wants one better hurry up and get on their bike (sorry) down to Bel & Bel. One of them can also be found on display at the Piaggio museum in Italy.

More info: Bel & Bel