As the common saying goes, there are different strokes for different folks, especially when it comes to food preferences. That being said, there are always people who never miss a chance to patronize others a little bit whenever they can, even when it comes to food. It’s probably safe to say that vegans get the most of everything, from plain hatred to getting bombed with scientific facts by random strangers. This story probably balances somewhere in between these two. Some people gathered on Tumblr to teach vegans a lesson and they even gathered some personal experiences to prove their point of why eating eggs and honey is not really that unethical as some vegans may think. Scroll down to explore their arguments!

Someone on Tumblr just couldn’t wrap their head around vegan eating preferences

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Pointing out eating eggs and honey might be not at all that unethical

And some people sure had to try prove it wrong

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But then this beekeeper stepped in to explain how it works

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Someone added up on behalf of those who raise chickens

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