These days product designers are preoccupied with making sustainable, beautiful objects, that are often used for several purposes. And as people turn away from consumerism, product design has to convince them once again to buy.

However, Katerina Kamprani, an Athens-based architect and 3D modeler, has created a series of weird things called “The Uncomfortable” where just the opposite is true.

Instead of searching for the optimal solution to a problem, Kamprani has done the exact opposite, – she has carefully considered each object’ intended function and then discovered the best tongue-in-cheek way to confound that function. For example, she has redesigned kitchen utensils, such as forks and spoons, to be completely unusable as we are used to. Spoons and forks were the only ones to be turned useless, as Kamprani made peep-toe wellies, a key that disappears into a lock and a wine glass for someone who’d like to get rid of a drinking habit. Scroll down to see the weird stuff that Katerina has created below!

More info: (h/t: ufunk)