My name is Tasha (Natasha), my big passion is to create an original wire wrapped jewelry.

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As an artisan, I take a lot of pride in my work and want to see it make other people happy for years to come. I use only the natural gemstones, brass, copper and silver wire.


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#1 Blue Labradorite Pendant

Blue Labradorite Pendant

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#2 Copper Wire Wrapped Labradorites

Copper Wire Wrapped Labradorites

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#3 Silver Pearl Key

Silver Pearl Key

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#4 Golden Labradorite

Golden Labradorite

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#5 Wire Wrapped Amber

Wire Wrapped Amber

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#6 Silver Labradorite Pendant

Silver Labradorite Pendant

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#7 Rainbow Moonstone Pendant

Rainbow Moonstone Pendant

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#8 Silver Agate Pendant

Silver Agate Pendant

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#9 Silver Butterfly

Silver Butterfly

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#10 Large Moonstone Wire Wrapped In Silver

Large Moonstone Wire Wrapped In Silver

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