Last year Playing Arts project released a deck of poker playing cards showcasing the illustrations of 55 top illustrators and designers. This year brings a new edition, even more eclectic and powerful, with 55 artists from all over the world involved. Since the beginning of April, one card design appears daily here, following by process insights and short interviews with the artists.

Each card in this deck reflects the vision of its creator and shows his particular style and technique. Freedom to express, variety of methods and instruments, unlimited imagination – that what makes this deck of cards so outstanding. You won’t be able to find two identical illustrations in Playing Arts deck. The only thing they have in common is a colorful backside that was carefully designed by Danny Ivan.

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55 top illustrators, artists and designers team up to create an unique deck of playing cards

Ace of spades by Ars Thanea

King of clubs by Burak Senturk

4 of clubs by Jeff Rogers

10 of spades by Marcelo Schultz

2 of hearts by Maria Gronlund


5 of clubs by Migthy SHORT

Queen of diamonds by Pablo Jurado Ruiz


Jack of spades by Peter Donnelly

7 of diamonds by Sakiroo

3 of spades by Steven Wilson

Ace of hearts by BLUP STUDIO

9 of diamonds by Viktor Miller-Gausa


3 of diamonds by Zipeng Zhu