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Unexpected Products By Popular Brands In Ilya Kalimulin’s Photo Series
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Funny8 years ago

Unexpected Products By Popular Brands In Ilya Kalimulin’s Photo Series

Moscow-based designer Ilya Kalimulin has created a series of images imagining what the weirdest products by well-known companies and brands might look like. His imagined products have gained a viral following on a number of Russian-language art and design blogs, which in turn have gathered the ideas of other creative designers as well.

What if Lipton tea packed their tea into cigarettes? What if M&M’s bright candy shells coated the tips of bullets? Kalimulin’s entertaining and clever series imagines these and other surprising products, most of which contain some sort of clever commentary on the brand in question.

Kalimulin initially studied engineering before becoming a prolific designer. He has a great deal of other entertaining work, including a “Stick and Drink” series of stickers meant for glass beverage bottles but, unfortunately, much of his work may be lost on those who cannot read Russian.

The idea is not entirely new – here are some other people’s ideas:


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