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Unconventional Methods Of Making A Painting
User submission
Art2 years ago

Unconventional Methods Of Making A Painting

Darren John is an award-winning artist from London, UK. He’s best known for his vibrant and playful paintings that celebrate the unchained creative spirit.

His artworks are often very process-driven, using quite unconventional methods, encouraging us all to view our surroundings and worlds a little more playfully.

All those discarded items in the kitchen draw, satsuma netting, the fruit themselves, mixed recycling.. there’s all sorts to enjoy!

For Darren this adventurous spirit of childhood is a truly special gift but one we need to engage with to maintain. The problem is, as we grow we tend to naturally dilute this creative curiosity with the pressures of self-consciousness.

So Darren’s work seeks to transport viewers back to that super playful mindset, to revive the infinite possibilities in an adventurous mind.

“For the child that has not learned where the boundaries are supposed to lie, the imagination remains limitless.”

More info:

A well earned little sit down

The Aftermath

Love how the paint travelled to the sides of the canvas too.

The final artworks

Satisfying Creative Art Process by London Artist Darren John


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