Romeo the ginger kittie was born with a deformity that makes him look a little different than other cats. That’s why he never got love and tenderness, let alone had someone to call his owner. Romeo was called ‘too ugly’ and no one wanted him. Until now, that is, because the kind fellows at Santuario Compasión Animal in Spain stepped in and gave this adorable kitty a chance to love and be loved! And so a much brighter chapter of the cat’s life began.

“They told us that no one wanted him because he was ugly. But for us Romeo is not ugly, he’s a lovely little kitten who likes to play like the rest of the cats. And their differences make them special,” A Santuario Compasión Animal spokesperson told The Dodo.

And all this time, the ginger boy was just as good as other cats – playful, affectionate, and absolutely adorable. All it took was for some sweet people to recognize that in him.

More info: Compasión Animal | Facebook (h/t: lovemeow)

No one wanted Romeo the ginger kittie, who was born with a deformity that makes him look different

The cat never knew love and tenderness or had someone to call his owner. He was called ‘too ugly’…

Until one day Santuario Compasión Animal rescued him because they saw the beauty in him

See how with a little bit of love, Romeo’s life changed forever: