Taking a picture with Santa Claus during the holiday season is a tradition enjoyed by millions. However, as with anything else, there has to be someone out there who does something better than everyone else, even if it’s just taking holiday pictures with Santa. These two brothers, then, are the kings of holiday Santa pictures – because they’ve taken pictures on Santa’s lap together for the last 34 years.

The first few pictures that they posted on Reddit are nothing out of the ordinary – just a kid sitting on Santa’s lap, eyes gleaming and full of holiday magic. Once his brother arrives and they start getting older, however, you realize that this isn’t just some kind of game – these guys are dead serious about becoming the most consistent Santa picture takers ever. And to my knowledge, they succeeded – the two brothers, now both fathers with children of their own, sat with Santa for a 2013 Santa photo.

And there’s no sign that they’ll ever stop!