We cry with them, we laugh with them, we hate them and love them – as we get into some TV series, we start living with the characters. Imagine it was possible to step into the home of the Simpsons, would you find the kitchen or bathroom? Spanish based interior designer Iñaki Aliste Lizarralde is now making a name for himself on the interwebs by touching the nerve of TV series’ fans with detailed floor plans of their favorite shows.

The artist hand drawn the home plans of the notorious Simpsons family, Carrie Bradshaw, the family of Friends, the clique from How I Met Your Mother and many others. Lizarralde was so scrupulous, he even noticed that the old man’s house in the Up movie is bigger inside than outside.

The highly detailed floor plans include both architectural design and interior furnishings. They are so precise that you could probably give any of them to your interior designer and create a real world replica of your favorite pop culture apartment.

Now turn on one of these TV shows and see how accurate the floor plans are!

Website: nikneuk.deviantart.com

The Simpsons


Sex and the City



Three’s Company


Two and a Half Men

Gilmore Girls

I Love Lucy

Will & Grace

The Golden Girls

Big Bang Theory


Breakfast at Tiffany’s

How I Met Your Mother