Karma works in mysterious ways and can make your day end on a wholesome, fuzzy, and heartwarming note, even if you did something wrong. That’s what one Redditor learned after accidentally scratching a stranger’s truck while parking.

Reddit user Slathbog felt so bad about scratching the stranger’s tail light that she left an apology note with their phone number on the vehicle. But she probably didn’t expect to get a text message saying that the scratch didn’t look too bad. Or another one suggesting that Slathbog should do something nice for a friend or a complete stranger, instead of paying for her mistake with buffing supplies.

Image credits: Julija Nėjė (not the actual photo)

Image credits: Slathbog

In a world where feel-good news is, in general, rare and few in between, Slathbog’s tale touched a nerve with the ‘Humans Being Bros’ community on Reddit. More than 67,000 Redditors upvoted Slathbog’s story and felt better about the world.

Also, over 650 Reddit users also left a comment; some of them even shared wholesome accident, scraping, and scratching stories of their own. This just goes to show that getting behind the wheel of a car doesn’t always have to end in road rage. Sometimes, things end in such a way that you start believing in humanity just a little more than you did yesterday. Or the day before.

As it turns out, Slathbog’s behavior is a great example of what to do if you accidentally scratch or hit somebody’s car in a parking lot. The News Wheel explains how you should opt for the high road if you’re ever in a situation like that. Your first instinct may be to drive away and avoid all responsibility, but you should do your best to steer away from acting like a Visigoth barbarian. Instead, be as responsible as a Roman.

Furthermore, you should track down the car-owner or leave a note if you can’t. Leave your contact details, but not sensitive information that you wouldn’t want random passersby to get their mitts on.

And remember to take photos of both vehicles, the note, as well as the damaged car’s license plate number, model, as well as other pertinent information. You never know, maybe the owner will send you a wholesome text message telling you to be kind to a complete stranger. Even if they don’t, you can sleep easy knowing that you did the right thing by taking responsibility for your actions.

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