It’s been over 3 years since I left our hometown of Hobart, Tasmania, to travel around Australia. Although I sold my house and all my stuff, there was one thing that I just couldn’t leave behind.

My cat Willow.

The solution was simple. Road trip with my best friend!

Since May 2015 we have traveled over 70,000 km, seen forests, beaches, and deserts, and even took a boat out to the Great Barrier Reef together. Late last year we finally made it all the way around and even spent summer back in our hometown.

But the adventure wasn’t meant to end there – and we have no intention of stopping anytime soon. This year we spent 3 months passing through the outskirts of the Simpson Desert before making our way back to the beautiful East Coast.

Some people are surprised to find that I travel with my cat. Once a backpacker at a campsite even exclaimed “Excuse me, there is a cat trying to get into your van!” ..

I know.

Our home is our camper van, a tiny house on wheels. I built it myself with a bed, cupboards, a kitchen, and plenty of places for a little cat to hide! It might be small but the whole Australia is our backyard.

It’s always a joy watching Willow explore the places we visit. She wears a tracking collar so that I always know where she is.

We post our photos on Instagram and it’s so nice to hear from people all over the world that they are following our adventure.

It wasn’t easy leaving my old job and life behind but I knew I had to make some changes for my own well-being. It was a slow process but now I am happier.

I work a little bit where I can, invest my savings, and it’s enough to keep us going.

If Willow has taught me anything, it’s that you don’t need a lot to be happy. A bit of food, shelter, and a whole lot of love. And that if she doesn’t get enough pats each day you can guarantee that her demands will be made at 3am!

We have made the 2019 calendar and we are using it to raise money for Motor Neurone Disease (ALS) research. It’s available on our website. Last year we raised over $3000 AUD.

I’m lucky. I get to see Australia through the eyes of a cat, and that I will treasure for a lifetime.

More info:

We have been travelling for 3.5 years now but every day is special

This year we spent 3 months in the desert and I was so happy to make it back to the beach! I’m not sure what Willow thought

Our camper van is our home. A tiny house on wheels with a bed, cupboards, a kitchen, and even a TV!

Last summer we returned to our home state of Tasmania and visited all my favorite places

Willow even got to meet her cousins!

She loves to explore but she never strays to far. She wears a tracking collar to keep her safe

Out in the desert there are lots of abandoned places to camp. This place was actually an old movie set

Willow’s favorite place to sit is on the dashboard where she has a great view

The front bull bar is a great place to look out over the sun set

Willow loves to follow me around but she doesn’t like to go too far from our van

We might be all alone but we always have each other and the whole Australia to explore

Happiness is spending an afternoon with your cat